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Fat Acceptance And Glorification Have To Go!

Fat acceptance is a growing issue. According to WHO the number of obese individuals has tripled worldwide since 1975. As per the organization, excess weight, which can be prevented, kills more often than being underweight. You’ll also be hard pressed to find a doctor who won’t link obesity to health issues. At the same time, we see a trend of portraying excess weight as nothing to worry about. Some go as far as celebrating it, and that’s truly harmful for the body and mind. Here’s why.

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Bulk, Cut or Body Recomposition – Where Should I Start?

Everybody knows the classic broscience of “bulk up, then cut down”. Essentially, this isn’t an incorrect approach, however, it doesn’t account for several other crucial factors. The thing is that the starting point in fitness or bodybuilding is yourself and any strategy should be adjusted to you, and not the other way round. That said, if you’re about to embark on a strength training journey and are unsure whether you should be gaining or losing weight, keep on reading, I’ll help you choose the right path. 

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How to Lose Weight – The Only Diet That Works

I want to make this crystal clear. You’re looking at the last article you’ll ever need to finally start losing weight. Forget about clickbait headlines and unrealistic promises. Stop looking for secret ways to burn belly fat. Get real! If you want to know how to lose weight, focus on two fundamental and proven aspects I’m discussing below, and I guarantee you’ll see the results. Ready?

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