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sukces w treningu

Indicators of Physique Success – When You Know You’ve Made It

One of the absolutely key ideas related to fitness is the process. The fact that changing dietary habits and improving physique takes a lot of time and then requires constant effort to maintain. The lack of a clearly defined endpoint or specific goal can be discouraging, especially when we’re talking about something as diverse as the human body. So how do we define physique success? When can we consider that we’ve made it? I have a few ideas, so let’s dive in.

why can't I lose weight

Why Can’t I Lose Weight Despite Diet And Exercise – A New Perspective

Watching people’s struggles with weight loss on the internet is a kind of guilty pleasure for me. Guilty, because it’s somewhat of a waste of time. These contents don’t bring me any tangible benefits, so why do I indulge in them? Nevertheless, it’s a pleasure because this topic will always remain close to me. I see my old self in these people, and I’m consistently fascinated by the reciprocal relationship between eating and the psyche. Many people fighting with their weight wonder “why can’t I lose weight,” and I have some new thoughts in this area that I’ve decided to share.

czy kulturystyka to sport

Is Bodybuilding a Sport, Why Not (Exactly) And What It Is In My Opinion

I’ve written a lot of guideposts in recent months and I missed some solid, bodybuilding philosophy, something that lies at the heart of this blog. Developing your physique is a rather controversial activity, considered by some as a vain pursuit, and by others as a way to improve oneself in the realm of body and mind. Part of this debate may be the question of whether bodybuilding is a sport, which I will try to answer today based on my own experiences in this area.

fitness hacki i porady

Fitness Hacks – How to Make The Process of Improving Your Physique More Enjoyable And Efficient

I’ve been thinking about writing a sort of a trick guide like this for a while now. I started wondering what fitness hacks I use, consciously or unconsciously, to make my diet and workouts more enjoyable. I mean, they’re not exactly a burden for me, but if there are ways to make life easier, why not take advantage of them? With that said, I encourage you to read this post, which I hope will help you optimize your own process of improving your physique.

indywidualizm w fitnessie

The Element of Individualism in Fitness – On The Essence of Experimentation And Responsibility

Fitness is an individual journey. The desire to embark on it must come from within. It is important to understand the essence of internal motivation from the start, without which achieving long-term results will simply be impossible. To make life easier, you can join a proven path of behaviors, but that does not guarantee success in itself. You still have to experiment and take responsibility for what you do.

kontrola nad własnym ciałem

Control Over Your Own Body, Body Empowerment, And Fitness

People seem to have a natural tendency to exert control over their surroundings. Initially, taming nature was absolutely necessary to survive until the next sunrise. Over time, however, the desire for control began to extend to other people, which can create a number of problems. Control, in the broader sense of the word, is therefore both necessary and dangerous. In the context of fitness, however, control over one’s own body is a positive phenomenon, which I will try to convince you of in this post.

proces a efekty

Forget About The Results, Learn to Love The Process

Everyone who starts their fitness or bodybuilding journey has some idea about the effects of training, but seems to know little about the very process of working on their physique. As a result, they become fixated on the distant goal and see the path leading to it as an unpleasant necessity that they would prefer to skip. Well, let me tell you something. If you want to be successful at the gym, don’t focus too much on the results and instead start loving the process!

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