Hello dear reader. Seeker of fitness knowledge and inspiration. If having  headphones on during workouts is just as important to you as a well-fitted tank top, I have something special for you today. I figured, why not share my favorite workout playlist, the contents of which have helped me many times to get into the right mindset and push those heavy weights. If you’re looking for music for training, you’ll find nothing but bangers on this playlist.

My workout compilation features a mix of genres like wave, trap, and phonk, which deliver a powerful boost of energy. It simply slaps.

If you need motivating songs, this playlist will definitely not disappoint you. Listening to the tracks included will make you feel ready to grab heavier dumbbells and add some extra weight to the barbell.

A ready playlist for every workout is a true treasure. My ultimate workout mix will work for any type of training. It’s time to put on your headphones and get into some challenging yet enjoyable work.

Enjoy pumping iron, running, or working the bag. Let me know if you have any favorite tracks or drop your suggestions in the comments below.

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